Xenga/Zach Rowden - Split


"For musicians to thrive in the fringes, where music becomes chaos, it is truly amazing to see two connect so tightly. These sounds alone hold mayhem and sharp bites, but together they are there for each other. Balanced intensities falling from crescendos and climbing mountains together. A sonic mixed drink that goes straight to the bloodstream."

- Lost In A Sea Of Sound


Nagual - Clear III


"Warmth is the feeling most imparted by Nagual. Like the friction from gears in a wristwatch, small parts moving in a hidden harmony. Faintly heard when the world is quiet, but working ever loudly when the mechanism is pressed for audio clarity. Energy in motion and moving forward, sounds rattle and fill thoughts with infinite wonder."

- Lost In A Sea Of Sound


Tabs Out: Top 200 Tapes of 2017


 #165: Nagual – Scraps: Southern Tour


Daniel Bachman / Elkhorn - Rhizome, Washington, DC, June 10, 2017


"Here, (Elkhorn are) joined by drummer Ian McColm, who gives The Black River tunes a wonderfully restless undercurrent. Don’t know if he’ll be collaborating with Elkhorn on future recordings, but on the strength of this set, it wouldn’t be a bad idea!"

- Doom & Gloom From The Tomb


Jazz Right Now's Best Live Concerts of 2016:


Editor's Pick: Heart of the Ghost, New Revolution Arts, March 17


I.G.M/Lugweight - Seven of Clubs


"It’s spectacular. Just massive. It sounds like if you saw Sunn O))) and they were standing miles from each other and somehow filling the space and enveloping everything in between."

- dead formats

"Torche took stoner rock, right, and just shoved a molten cone of neon-pink cotton candy right through its heart. In this manner, so too does Ian G. McColm, but with doomy, blackened noise."

- Cassette Gods



Bachman-Toth Band at the Three-Lobed Day Party, Hopscotch Festival 2016


"As with everything these players do, this was done with spirit, turning this into one of those off-the-cuff, daring improvisational moments that have come to define what is always the highlight of this music festival."

-NYC Taper


The Greenville Journal's Sound Check


"Perhaps “soundscape” is an overused term, but it’s difficult to think of any other word to apply to the music of Alexandria, Va.’s Ian McColm, aka I.G.M. His massive compositions hang in the air like storm clouds, mixing eerily calm, almost ambient, passages with sudden, jarring slashes of noise. Rhythm isn’t the point here; mood is king."

- Vincent Harris


Paperhaus - "Silent Speaking"


"This dizzying new single from the DC-based Paperhaus, led by Alex Tebeleff, is a fierce, propulsive showcase for guest drummer Ian McColm."

- NPR's All Songs Considered


I.G.M/Diego Garcia - Split


"Waves of harsh static create a vacuous sense of doom which nearly overwhelms you, but flows into moments of poignant and harmonious tones; a moment of respite amidst the discord like the second of silence between the flash and subsequent roar of a sonic boom."

- Tiny Mix Tapes


DC Jazz Photography Artist Profile: Ian McColm


"Ian’s music is intense, beautiful, and deeply layered. His journey in this art form is just as unique."

- Jonathan Barnes


Nagual - String Music for the End Times


"Whatever your preference, and even if you feel like post-apocalyptic times have become too commercial, the musicianship here from the layers on Side A to flat out guitar perfection on Side B should have you listening to this if only because it has guitars (as well as other strings) doing what you (and I) might not have thought possible once before."

- Raised By Gypsies


I.G.M - Inside Aquila


"The album moves through some frigid fright-fests, humbling, beyond beautiful balladry, but it’s the substance beneath all that that keeps this guy on repeat..."

- Tiny Mix Tapes

"This is definitely utility music to an extent, a great tape to throw on to zone out or to put yourself in a sort of mental stasis."

- Cassette Gods


Nagual & Carl Mitchell - Improvisations I & II


"Their two sides of improvisational free-jazz are the stormy stretches and midnight bellows of a cat taking over the house after the masters have fallen asleep on guard duty"

-tiny mix tapes


Nagual - The First LP


"A studied, stunning work of loops and zonular textures galore. It's worth a listen if you wish that Kranky's golden era featured Keith Rowe."


"Their tools are more varied than what you might find on a Pandit Pran Nath record, but Ian McColm and David Shapiro’s aim is trained on the same trance-inducing throb."


"Nagual’s first LP has some seriously In Den Gärten Pharaos moments, but where Florian Fricke was a water-baby hippy at heart, McColm and Shapiro are more than happy to hold you under the bath’s surface."

-cyclic defrost

"Nagual is an intricately crafted, heady album, internal, shifting and at times voluptuous in its fecundity and fastidious attention to detail. Every second of it reverberates with the experience of the musicians, and also a timelessness that implies a vast ocean of ideas coming to fruition as sounds."

-lisa thatcher

"Bright timbres are continually tossed onto a gentle harmonic base until the brightness turns glaring, the placid turns frenzied, and the drone reaches the tense outer-limits of the psychoacoustic spectrum."


"It’s as if they extracted only the most malevolent distortions from Terry Riley’s dervishes into a negative image of new age faithfulness."


"This is the type of record that builds up tension in your chest, and makes you take a pause and exhale when it's over."

-guide me little tape

"This is a must own for anyone who wants an audio representation of tragic humanity. I love this."

-dead formats

"Intelligent, intuitive experimental music that incorporates elements of psychedelia, noise, free-jazz and world music made by dudes you can have a beer with."

-permanent records

"A stunning collection of electro-acoustic drone noise, utilizing guitar loops, pianos, electronics, and drums."

-decoder magazine

"An excellent record with on one hand the more or less fixed notions of drone music, but also with some fine additions to slowly alter the idiom of that on the other side. That makes me curious to see where they would head next."

-vital weekly

"It’s a record of a subtle, haunting escalation – energy rebounding back inwards without a point of exit, accumulating in clouds of light and perspiration in the centre of the recording space."



I.G.M - Virgin Skins


"There’s one thought the listener is left with after Virgin Skins, though: McColm isn’t just a good drummer, but a great performer in general."

- Memory Wave Transmission


Nagual - Clear One: Ether(s)


"Seriously. This tape is gorgeous."
-dead formats