Figured's "Clehft"

Hi all,

It has been a long time since the last update!

I’m thrilled to share that much of that time has been spent working on a new group with Zach Rowden called “Figured.” We’ve been lucky enough to play shows over this Summer and early Fall with some stellar acts all over New Haven. As we delved into the rehearsal process, all of those sessions were recorded and we’re pleased to share our new tape “Clehft” as a result of those recordings.


This release is digitally available from my bandcamp which you can link to: HERE.

Additionally, we are taking pre-orders for the physical cassette copies which can be found: HERE.

Tapes will ship in late November after Zach and I return from our respective trips to Europe (his for a tour with his stellar group Tongue Depressor and mine for a residency in Spain).

More info soon and, as always, thank you for reading! See you at a gig!!

Figured at Crunch House - Photo by Terrance Regan

Figured at Crunch House - Photo by Terrance Regan