Nagual/Tongue Depressor Split Cassette OUT NOW!!

I'm very psyched to welcome the Nagual/Tongue Depressor split cassette into the world!

Nagual is David Shapiro & myself. This cassette showcases some rare duo improvisations. These improvisations are unlike much of what we have released thus far.

Tongue Depressor is Henry Birdsey & Zach Rowden. Their side is a real treat. It edges into Henry Flynt-like territory with both performers playing violins but these two have the edge of two young contemporary improvisors.

You can grab copies if you follow the "Store" tab on the left hand side. Tapes will ship out the next day. Take a peek through the other releases available there as well!

David & I will also have these cassettes when we play on a bill with Zach from Tongue Depressor on Saint Patrick's Day in New Haven.

If you live in New England, you can follow the link below to find the gig:

Nagual + Stefan Christensen w/ Wendy Eisenberg & Zach Rowden, Nikole Jewell, Kodak Fire, Never Get To Be Cool, New Haven, CT

Thanks & see you at a gig!