End Of The Year Gigs

Hi all!

It’s been a truly incredible few weeks over here!

My visit to Seoul for Audio Trading Manual’s Arts Incubator was a truly reinvigorating and inspiring experience! A profound “Thank You” to everyone I met in Seoul for their hospitality & kindness. I can’t speak highly enough of the composers, presenters, artists, and, generally, people that I met on this trip in November.

In other news, thank you to everyone who came to see Heart of the Ghost perform with my old friend Danny Kamins. It was a thrill to reunite on stage with Danny after 7-8 years since we last performed together and the sets from Amber Dunleavy & Arthur Harrison, Peter Redgrave, and Tee Tree Trio were a delight. It was truly a blast!

Heart of the Ghost & Danny Kamins at Rhizome DC (Photo by Chris Videll)

Heart of the Ghost & Danny Kamins at Rhizome DC (Photo by Chris Videll)

I have two fun gigs coming up for the end of the year:

First, this weekend I am rejoining Daniel Bachman & Forrest Marquisee on stage at Rhizome again to fundraise for Rhizome’s wonderful space and programming. Sarah Hughes, Jenny Moon Tucker, Thomas Stanley, and Khalid Thompson will all be sharing the bill that night and I’m excited to see sets from such local heavyweights.

Second, I will playing a solo set at Amma House’s Festivus celebration in Alexandria, VA. This is sure to be a fun night and Amma House is always a great time!

Thanks for reading/listening/paying attention this year & cheers to more of great music!

See you at a gig!