Fall gigs thus far...

I'm excited for some more gigs coming up the next few months!

As of now, these are what are confirmed but there may be more to come.

9/29 - I'll be playing drums with the mighty Low Ways Trio (Mark Cisneros, Luke Stewart, and myself). It's usually a quartet but Anthony Pirog is indisposed that night so this will be a fun time to re-approach that music with a new configuration.

10/14 - Nagual & Stefan Christensen return to blast New Haven with feedback improvisations at Orchard Street. New Haven is one of the meccas of guitar music right now and I'm so glad to be able to play & visit there so often.

10/17 - Jarrett Gilgore & I revisit some of Marian McLaughlin's gorgeous music and hopefully add some more tunes to our repertoire at DC9.

11/1 - The freakishly talented Jon Lipscomb will be coming back to the States and playing in a new trio with Jarrett and myself. Very excited about this collaboration and I hope some more comes of it.


Stay tuned & see you at a gig!