Early Summer

I just got off of a very brief stint playing drums behind Jesse and Drew of Elkhorn. It was a pleasure getting to join them in Philly and DC this weekend. The shows were really a blast: many thanks to all who came out!

You can check out some of their music here: https://elkhorn.bandcamp.com/

Sunday, Heart of the Ghost got back together to play the Takoma Park Jazz Fest. I'm honored to say we'll be backing up Chicago's Paul Giallorenzo at Normal's in Baltimore on Thursday night. The inimitable Susan Alcorn will be playing on that bill as well. Truly not to be missed.

Check out Paul's stuff here: http://www.paulgiallorenzo.com/

And Susan's here: http://www.susanalcorn.net/

This Friday night, New Haven's Dave Scanlon will be gracing Rhizome in DC with his intense and innovative approach to electric guitar. Xenga (my running duo with Jarrett Gilgore) will be opening in collaboration with Marc Miller. Also, DC's ripping-est new duo of Sarah Hughes and Nate Scheible will be playing. Really psyched for this!