End Of The Year Gigs

Hi all!

It’s been a truly incredible few weeks over here!

My visit to Seoul for Audio Trading Manual’s Arts Incubator was a truly reinvigorating and inspiring experience! A profound “Thank You” to everyone I met in Seoul for their hospitality & kindness. I can’t speak highly enough of the composers, presenters, artists, and, generally, people that I met on this trip in November.

In other news, thank you to everyone who came to see Heart of the Ghost perform with my old friend Danny Kamins. It was a thrill to reunite on stage with Danny after 7-8 years since we last performed together and the sets from Amber Dunleavy & Arthur Harrison, Peter Redgrave, and Tee Tree Trio were a delight. It was truly a blast!

  Heart of the Ghost & Danny Kamins at Rhizome DC (Photo by Chris Videll)

Heart of the Ghost & Danny Kamins at Rhizome DC (Photo by Chris Videll)

I have two fun gigs coming up for the end of the year:

First, this weekend I am rejoining Daniel Bachman & Forrest Marquisee on stage at Rhizome again to fundraise for Rhizome’s wonderful space and programming. Sarah Hughes, Jenny Moon Tucker, Thomas Stanley, and Khalid Thompson will all be sharing the bill that night and I’m excited to see sets from such local heavyweights.

Second, I will playing a solo set at Amma House’s Festivus celebration in Alexandria, VA. This is sure to be a fun night and Amma House is always a great time!

Thanks for reading/listening/paying attention this year & cheers to more of great music!

See you at a gig!

David Dominique's "Mask" East Coast Tour, Seoul Arts Incubator, & New Releases

Hello all,

Apologies for the radio silence. It has been a whirlwind of activity in the last two months.

I am currently on tour with the David Dominique Ensemble performing material from his new record “Mask” as well as some older tunes from “Ritual,” his previous record. Check out his music here: http://daviddominique.com/.

Tour has been a blast so far with uplifting performances in Williamsburg, Richmond, and Charlottesville, Virginia. We will be journeying up North tomorrow to perform at Westchester University just outside of Philadelphia. After that we continue on to Manhattan, Baltimore, and Washington, DC. There is more information about all of the upcoming shows in the “Shows” section of this site.

The David Dominique Ensemble at Little Dumbo, Richmond, VA. Photos by Phil McElhinney.

Immediately following this tour, I am excited to travel to Seoul, South Korea for the first time to participate in an Arts Incubator program in collaboration with Ensemble Mise-En. I will have the profound honor of having a new piece, “A Statistician’s Manual for Sound Earth,” premiered by Ensemble Mise-En as well as the joy of joining them onstage to perform it on modular synthesizer. I’m wholly psyched about this experience and very stoked to share this new work with such a powerful ensemble. Check out the photos below for a peek at the patch and the score of the piece!

There have been a few releases in the intervening period between this post and the last one:

First, Marian McLaughlin released her beautiful record, Lake Accotink, which I had the honor of playing on. You can hear and purchase her music here: https://marianmclaughlin.bandcamp.com/ .

Nagual & Stefan Christensen have also released a new 7” on the incredible label I Dischi del Barone. This release is a really cool document of some of the work we are doing and I am psyched to have a photo that I took as the cover. Grip a copy by sending me a message (copies will be up in the “Store” section in December if you want to wait) or at the label’s website: http://www.iddb.se.

Nagual will also have a track on the new Redscroll Records Black Friday sampler so head over to their site or go to the shop to grab that.

In addition to all of these, I recently self-released another short release on Bandcamp entitled “Is As It Was”. These are some fun rumblings from hours of recordings I have done with my current synthesizer setup. All proceeds go to Earth Justice. You can check out their work here: https://earthjustice.org/.

The release itself is available at: https://igmnoise.bandcamp.com/album/is-as-it-was.

 Is As It Was by Ian McColm. Now available at  www.igmnoise.bandcamp.com .

Is As It Was by Ian McColm. Now available at www.igmnoise.bandcamp.com.

Thanks for reading & I hope to see you at a gig!!!!

August Wrapped Up & September Upcoming

Hi all,

It's been a wonderfully productive month over here! A week or two ago I spent 4 days on the road with Nagual (David Shapiro, Stefan Christensen & Myself) & Zach Rowden. It was a total blast: massive thanks to all the wonderful folks who set up gigs, played on bills and showed up to gigs!

 Nagual & Zach Rowden at Willimantic Records (Photo by Michael Rogers)

Nagual & Zach Rowden at Willimantic Records (Photo by Michael Rogers)

We were touring as quartet behind our new cassette release that is now available in the "Store" section of this site, Pidgeon Records' Big Cartel (HERE) or on the Nagual Bandcamp page (HERE). After years of playing with Zach, it was really a fun time to bring him into this context and hear him contribute such heavy sounds.

 Nagual & Zach Rowden available now from Pidgeon Records

Nagual & Zach Rowden available now from Pidgeon Records

I'll be rejoining Zach on a stacked bill at Rhizome on September 16th. He is touring with Henry Birdsey as Tongue Depressor and the mighty Cortex is rounding out the bill. I will be playing solo doing some modular synth material. I'm sure it will be a swell night and it would be rad to see some familiar faces. More info HERE.

There will be more news soon I'm sure but until then, see you at a gig!

Thanks for reading!

8 Miniatures for Modular & July Gigs

Hey all,

Yesterday, I released a digital-only record of new solo synthesizer material on Bandcamp called 8 Miniatures for Modular Synthesizer.  You can purchase it through Bandcamp HERE. All proceeds from the sales will go to Border Angels, a non-profit that provides immigration and consultation services as well as help prevent unnecessary deaths on the USA-Mexico border. You can find out more about their organization HERE.


This coming month I will be rejoining Jarrett Gilgore and Luke Stewart on the road for a few days playing at Rhizome DC, Charlottesville, VA and Raleigh, NC. At the end of the month, I'm honored to hop back onstage with Marian McLaughlin to perform music from her new record at Lake Accotink in Virginia along with Jarrett Gilgore and Ethan Foote. Finally, the last show of July, as of now, will be with Nate Scheible and two incredible dancers: Aquiles Halladay and Shay Turner. We will be performing at Rhizome along with Mishpokhe Klang and Bashful Slasher from New York. All the information on these shows can, as usual, be found at the "Shows" tab of this site.

Thanks for checking all this out & see you at a gig!


Hi everyone,

May was a fun month of shows! This month I will primarily be dealing with recording projects. However, I do have one gig coming up this week with the mighty guitar duo, Elkhorn. Nate Scheible & I will be joining them in playing some old and new songs from their records. There are some other swell acts on the bill as well so roll through Rhizome on the 9th for some good, mellow tunes!

You can find more information here: Elkhorn w/ C Joynes, Krausbauer & Suzuki at Rhizome, Takoma Park, DC

Also, thank you to Renata Ocampo for this dreamy photo of Mark Cisneros and I playing duo at Dew Drop Inn recently! It was a fun gig and was great to see some familiar faces in the audience!

 Photo by Renata Ocampo

Photo by Renata Ocampo

Thanks so much & hopefully see you at a gig!

Final shows in May

Hey all,

It's been an awesome month of shows so far. Heart of the Ghost's most recent outing with Organix trio in Baltimore was really a blast and it's always an honor to share the stage with Jamal, Trae, and Jeron.

Next up Xenga (Jarrett & I) will be opening for Chicago's own Eli Namay and Sarah Hughes' Coy Fish at DC's favorite venue, Rhizome.

Here's some info: http://www.rhizomedc.org/new-events/2018/5/23/concert-eli-namay-xenga

Here's a nice photo of us playing in the courtyard at Capital Fringe:

 Photo by Elena Lacayo

Photo by Elena Lacayo

The final show of May will be Low Ways Trio sharing a bill with the ever-rockin Nice Breeze at Dew Drop Inn on the 31st of this month. More info on that here: Low Ways w/ Nice Breeze, Dew Drop Inn, Washington, DC

Thanks for listening and hopefully see you at a gig!!


Dusted, May Gigs & Nagual CD-R

It's been an eventful few weeks over here!

Firstly, I'd like to say a wonderful thank you to Bill over at Dusted for his great writing on Elastic Arts' Exposure Series. It's been a joy to read his writing & reminds me to extend yet another "Thank You" to the incredible hospitality of Dave Rempis, Paul Giallorenzo, and all the other incredible artists and volunteers involved.

You can read Bill's round up here:


I'm also thrilled to announce that Nagual has a new release out on Miami's Hologram Label. Ultimate thanks to Chris for making these extended pieces a reality and for packaging the release so nicely! It's not up on Hologram's Bandcamp just yet. However, we have some artist copies that you can pick up in the "Store" section of this site.


Lastly, there are some really wonderful gigs coming up this month.

This Friday (5/11), I'll be playing with Brian Settles, Colin Chambers, and Mike Bowie at Jojo on U Street in DC.

I'm also thrilled to rejoin Nate Scheible on double-drum duty this weekend. This time, we will be joined by two dancers: Aquiles Holladay and Shay Turner. I'm excited to see how this quartet turns out. We're be opening for the mighty Mourning (A) BLKstar at Rhizome on Sunday 5/13.

The following Friday, Heart of the Ghost (Luke Stewart, Jarrett Gilgore, and myself) are opening for Organix Trio at Creative Alliance in Baltimore for their record release and we will be joining them after out respective sets for an expanded, sextet performance.

There's more on the calendar as well. Take a peek over at the "Shows" section of the site for more info!!

Thanks for looking and see you at a a gig!

Final gigs in April

It's been a really fun and diverse month of shows!

To wrap it up, I'll be playing with Mark Cisneros and Luke Stewart as the Low Ways Trio at Showtime Bar in D.C this coming Thursday (4/26). 

This weekend, I'm playing solo on Saturday as part of the day-long Avant Fairfax pre-show at Rhizome DC. You can find more info here: Solo at Avant Fairfax Pre-Show #1 w/ Bushmeat Airways, Tag Cloud, Echolalia, and more, Rhizome, Takoma Park, DC

Sunday, I'll be rejoining Jarrett Gilgore and Luke for our unofficial tape release homecoming show for Heart of the Ghost. We have less than 10 copies left of the cassette so I highly recommend you stop by if you want to pick one up. Here is the info for that: Heart of the Ghost w/ Cunningham/Bucko Jr./Adams Trio, Hardhealth, Rhizome, Takoma Park, DC.


Lastly, thanks to Sriram Gopal for this photo of the first meeting between Brian Settles, Luke and I at Jojo this past Friday. It was fun to stretch out a bit musically!

See you at a gig!!

April Performances

The utmost thanks to everyone involved with the Heart of the Ghost Spring tour! It was truly an incredible experience to play with and meet such amazing people every night! We still have some copies of the cassette left which you can pick up from the "Store" tab of this website, if you are so inclined.

I have three fun gigs coming up at Rhizome in the next month:

First, I will be joining Mark Cisneros and Luke Stewart again as Low Ways Trio on an eclectic bill with Andras Fekete and Mia Zabelka. There will also be a live score to Samuel Beckett's "Film" performed by Tim Carless which I am very excited to see. More info can be found here:

Low Ways Trio w/ Zabelka/Diamond/Fekete, Samuel Beckett's "Film (Live Score by Tim Carless), Rhizome, Takoma Park, DC

Later in the month, I will be performing solo in a day long pre-show for Avant Fairfax's new festival of experiemental music. There are some wonderful local luminaries on this bill and it will be a rare opportunity for me to try out some new solo material that I have been workshopping. More info on that can be found here:

Solo at Avant Fairfax Pre-Show #1 w/ Bushmeat Airways, Tag Cloud, Echolalia, and more, Rhizome, Takoma Park, DC

Lastly, Heart of the Ghost returns to D.C. the following day on a bill with Hardhealth and the Cunningham/Bucko Jr./Adams Trio. There's no event for that up just yet but the "Shows" section of the site will be updated just as soon as there is.

In the meantime, thanks to the wonderful Van Ficken for documentation of my most recent solo set at Perfect Church in Richmond, VA this past Friday:

Thanks, as always, for reading and I hope to see you at a gig!!

Heart of the Ghost Release!!!

I am very psyched to announce that Heart of the Ghost has released our first cassette on my own imprint, Pidgeon Records!! Eternal thanks to Mattson Ogg for recording this.

Cassettes are available through the store section of this site & you can get 20% off an order of multiple tapes by entering MULTIPASS at checkout.  

Thanks for looking & see you at a gig!!!


Saint Patrick's Day in New Haven

Before Jarrett, Luke, and I head out for tour, I'm psyched to be playing a stacked & eclectic bill in New Haven with Wendy Eisenberg, Zach Rowden, Nikole Jewell, and Kodak Fire. I'll be up there doing some more recording with Nagual & Stefan Christensen and we will be performing on this bill. It's always a treat to play Elm City so if you live in the area, come on out! You can find the event in the "Shows" section of the site.

See you at a gig!


Heart of the Ghost goes on tour!

I'm very psyched to announce that Luke Stewart, Jarrett Gilgore, and I will be going on tour the end of March.

We'll be traveling through select parts of the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic. If you're in one of the areas on the poster below come check us out!

Also, we'll be playing the always-fun Rhizome DC on March 1st (this coming Thursday) with John Dikeman and his ensemble. Info on that in the link below:

Heart of the Ghost w/ John Dikeman/Jasper Stadhouders/Adam Shead/Tony Piazza, Rhizome, Takoma Park, DC 

Very psyched! See you at a gig!


Nagual/Tongue Depressor Split Cassette OUT NOW!!

I'm very psyched to welcome the Nagual/Tongue Depressor split cassette into the world!

Nagual is David Shapiro & myself. This cassette showcases some rare duo improvisations. These improvisations are unlike much of what we have released thus far.

Tongue Depressor is Henry Birdsey & Zach Rowden. Their side is a real treat. It edges into Henry Flynt-like territory with both performers playing violins but these two have the edge of two young contemporary improvisors.

You can grab copies if you follow the "Store" tab on the left hand side. Tapes will ship out the next day. Take a peek through the other releases available there as well!

David & I will also have these cassettes when we play on a bill with Zach from Tongue Depressor on Saint Patrick's Day in New Haven.

If you live in New England, you can follow the link below to find the gig:

Nagual + Stefan Christensen w/ Wendy Eisenberg & Zach Rowden, Nikole Jewell, Kodak Fire, Never Get To Be Cool, New Haven, CT

Thanks & see you at a gig!


Upcoming Spring shows thus far...

This Spring has brought some really cool gigs my way!

This coming weekend the two concerts I am playing center on fabrics:

First, Low Ways Quartet will be performing in front of one of Janel Leppin's amazing weavings at Black Cat.

That will be this coming Friday. You can get more info from the link here: Low Ways Quartet at Weavings by Janel Leppin, Black Cat, Washington, DC

This Sunday I'll be performing music composed by Dave Scanlon to accompanying some quilts & quilting patterns. This ensemble is packed with high-level local improvisors so be sure not to miss the gig this Sunday.

Info can be found here: Quilt Music (Emma Banay & David Scanlon) performed by Luke Stewart, Sarah Hughes, Layne Garrett, Steve Korn, Nate Scheible, and Ian McColm, Rhizome, Takoma Park, DC

Unrelated to fabric:

Also at Rhizome on the 21st, one of my favorite people, David Shapiro, will be traveling through town on a tour supporting his solo fingerpicking material under the name Alexander. However, that night we will be doing a Nagual set along with Du.0, James Ilgenfritz's Trio (with Brian Chase of Yeah, Yeah, Yeah's fame) and Ami Yamasaki.

More info on that here: Nagual w/ Du.0, Ilgenfritz/Chase/Lee, Ami Yamasaki, Rhizome, Takoma Park, DC

If you can't wait for a gig, check out this really fun video of Nate Scheible and I performing in a secret part of Rock Creek Park last Summer. Thanks to Jason Coile for the beautiful footage & Nenet for the idea to film it!  I hope you dig it! See you at a gig!






February Gigs!

Hi all,

I'll be continuing to ring in the new year with two massively fun gigs in February.

The first is 2/4 at Rhizome DC. Heart of the Ghost (Jarrett Gilgore, Luke Stewart, and myself) will be on a bill with the mighty Ken Vandermark's new outfit as well as some incredible other acts including a duo between Brian Settles and Jeremy Carlstedt.

Here's the link:


Following that, Low Ways Quartet (Mark Cisneros, Anthony Pirog, Luke, and myself) will be performing in front of some new textile weavings that the incredible Janel Leppin has created at the Black Cat. There are a huge number of other acts that night which you can check out in the attached poster.

That will all happen the night of 2/16 and you can purchase tickets here:


There is definitely more to come (just not yet confirmed) so check in for more as the year progresses!

See you at a gig!



Happy New Year! (& January Gigs)

Happy New Year! Here's to hoping 2018 brings good things.


The first two weeks of January will see me playing three fun gigs:

1/7/2018 - Boat Burning's Music for Massed Guitars at 9:30 Club

I'm very psyched to play this historic venue but even moreso because I will be in the company of 99 other guitar players. This is sure to sound colossal so check it out!


The next day I'll be playing Rhizome with Heart of the Ghost. We're on the bill with Freestore, some freaky jazz school comrades from Oberlin who I am very excited to see perform.


At the tail end of that week, I'll be playing solo on a bill with Nice Breeze and Jon Simler at Alexandria's own, Amma House. This is a fundraiser for Chethan Kenkeremath's Avant Fairfax revitalization efforts so it would be awesome to see some familiar faces supporting experimental music in Northern Virginia.

1/13/2018 - Solo w/ Nice Breeze, Jon Simler, Amma House, Alexandria, VA


Best tidings for the new year & hopefully see you at a gig!



Spoke too soon...

In addition to playing with the mighty Aaron Martin at Rhizome on Friday, I'll also be joining Luke Stewart & Anthony Pirog in a trio format at Showtime this coming Wednesday. We'll be performing freely improvised music in the absence of Mark Cineros and his usual compositions.

Very psyched to be trying out this new trio formation in these last few gigs of the year.

Thanks for listening & see you at a gig!


 Low Ways Quartet (Photo from Instagram)

Low Ways Quartet (Photo from Instagram)

11/17 at Rhizome with Aaron Martin

Very excited to re-announce that I will be playing duo with DC elder Aaron Martin at Rhizome on the 17th! We'll be joined on the bill by Atlanta's Whispers of the Night and a third performer TBA.

This will probably serve to one of the last few shows of the year for me: a preemptive end-of-the-year "Thanks" to everyone who comes out to shows, fills out bills, hosts gigs and generally supports the arts. It's so cool that people are psyched to see improvised music and the more experimental side of things. I'm profoundly grateful for all the wonderful opportunities this year and psyched for more to come! 

See you at a gig!


 Lipscomb/Gilgore/McColm Trio at Rhizome DC (Photo from Instagram)

Lipscomb/Gilgore/McColm Trio at Rhizome DC (Photo from Instagram)

RVA THX/November gigs thus far...

Thanks to Tashi Dorji, James Toth, and the folks at Black Iris in Richmond, VA for a great time last night! It was so wonderful to be able to take some leaps of faith in front of such an attentive audience!

 Polaroids of James and Tashi that I took this past year

Polaroids of James and Tashi that I took this past year

Two fun gigs coming up at Rhizome DC:

11/1 - Jarrett Gilgore, Jon Lipscomb, and myself open for Gaute Granli & Macho Blush who are on tour together

11/17 - I'm honored to be playing with DC elder Aaron Martin opening for Atlanta's Whispers of Night

Hopefully you can make it out to one of them!

See you there!

More October performances!

I have two more rad gigs to announce for the month.

First, I will be playing with the mighty Low Ways Trio at Showtime Bar (DC) tomorrow night (Wednesday 10/4). This is always an exciting group to play with and Mark's music is really terrific.

Secondly, we'll be celebrating the birthday of the inimitable Luke Stewart at Dew Drop Inn (DC) on October 12th as a double trio of Heart of the Ghost (Luke, Jarrett Gilgore, and myself) and Organix trio (Jamal Moore, Jeron White, and Trae Crudup). This is the first time these groups have ever collaborated and we're all excited to make all the talk we've had a reality. 

Psyched! See you at a gig!

 Low Ways Trio at Rhizome DC (Photo from Instagram)

Low Ways Trio at Rhizome DC (Photo from Instagram)